Funny animal print clothes

The elements of dogs in animal patterns have been used in design widely. Dogs are loyal friends. Whether it is a large dog or a cute pet, different styles of dogs bring different inspiration to the clothing pattern. Therefore, the style is also varied, it can be a cool, it can also be cute.

A colorful and trendy dog pattern is presented through rich expression techniques such as hand-drawn illustrations.

The dogs with hats, glasses, bows…so lively and lovely.

Dogs combine elements such as letters and geometry to reflect more individual styles.

The small illustration of personality is a simple depiction of the image with random strokes, and the fun and cartoon style is suitable for youth sports styles.

Shoal Green – Color Matching Inspiration

The softest green of the latest spring and summer fashion week has been favored by major brands, and the use of dark moss and green is the most popular. Shoal Green brings key updates to the 2020 spring and summer T-shows.

Green will play an important role in the spring and summer of 2020, the market color will change to cool colors, they are fresh and edgy. The bright color is only used for bikinis, gray is only used for suits, but now it is different from the past. Consumer confidence in color is rising, and the softer Shoal Green brightens the skin, making it ideal for sport girls.

Shoal Green–Clothing match

Shoal Green–Color Matching

Shoal Green + Tulip Purple

How to make eye makeup better?

Women are always pursuing beautiful things, when you want to create a beautiful eye makeup, but found that the brush is not enough. You want to buy an eye shadow brush set and find that different brushes will have different effects. How to choose?

Base Brush

The base brush is the first brush used in the upper eye shadow, which can sweep the eye shadow on the eyelid evenly. This type of brush is round head and the hair is tight.

Smudge brush

After the first two layers are scanned, if there is a lot of difference in color, there will be a clear sense of boundaries, which is unnatural. At this time, you need to use a clean smudge brush to blur the border and create a gradual feeling. This type of eye shadow brush is usually a round brush head. The bristles are much softer than the base brush, and the amount of hair is not so dense.

It is recommended to clean the smudge brush after used it every time. So that it will not be affected by the coloring, when used the next smudge.

Flat round brush

Another kind of smudge brush will make the round head flat and the hair volume will be very dense. The flat head brush can be further smudged, which is more suitable for blooming the lower eyelid.

Flat head brush
There are two types, one is flat and the other is beveled. Both can be used to draw eyeliner or eyebrows.

Eyebrow brush
Most eyebrow products have eyebrow combs, the purpose is to smudge the eyebrows and visually look natural. It can also be used to comb the eyelashes before the upper mascara.

Choosing right brush for your concealer

How to use the concealer is a big problem definitely, covering acne , covering dark eyes, different concealer cover different places. There are many kinds of concealer products on the market, and the liquid concealer and cream concealer should match the different brushes to make the concealing effect to the utmost! “A key to open a lock” concealer also needs a brush suitable for it.

Liquid Concealer

The texture of the concealer is moist, and the concealing power is relatively low which is suitable for a wide range of concealer. For example, dark eyes are very suitable for using a concealer to solve it!

And with such a flat concealer brush, not only can cover the flaw accurately, but also avoid the uneven coverage of the concealer.

Cream concealer

The cream concealer has no liquid concealer texture and is more suitable for partial covering.

Choosing this concealer brush with a round head, gently pressing the concealer on the acne, not only can you grasp the range and not affect the concealer’s concealing.

Frost concealer

It is softer than the cream concealer. It adds more ingredients to the essence, so it is more difficult to paste than the concealer. It will make the makeup looks thicker. Many actors will use it to conceal before they start a show.

So by your hand and melt it with the temperature of your hand. Then cover it on the face slowly , you can cover it once or twice.

Those make-up ghosts in Hollywood!

Every time you see the beautiful makeup of female stars in photos or videos, they are make us envious! In addition to their natural beauty, of course, they are also inseparable from the great makeup artists behind them.

1.Hung Vanngo

The king of the makeup industry, his client list is amazing. Including the unsurpassed secret angel supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Hadid sisters, the cute face Selena Gomez and the popular singer fruit sister Katy Perry.

He creates a unique look for each individual, suitable for personal temperament and occasion theme.

2. Mario Dedivanovic

With the name of the god of makeup, contracted all the makeup of the Kardashian family.

From the famous sharp repair of Kim Kardashian to the topic of nude makeup, Mario is the “handsman” behind the scenes and he is the only makeup artist that has worked with Kim Kardashian for many years.

3. Pat McGrath

Pat is more like an artist in the makeup industry. If you are a fan of trendy makeup, then you will love Pat McGrath definitely. Pat has created a lot of complex and trendy makeup, T-shows, magazine can not be separated from her creation!

4. Priscilla Ono

Rihanna’s Royal Makeup Artist. Rihanna is a person who demands perfection from anything. This can be found from her personal make-up brand.

Priscilla created countless unforgettable and stunning shapes for Rihanna.

5. Lisa Eldridge

Famous makeup artists in Hollywood are always brave enough to try new faces, not limited to any type of makeup.

She is best known for her clear makeup, which allows each face to exude the most unique look in the most natural conditions.

How to create a perfect makeup profile with highlight

Brow bone
Highlighting the brow bones can make the contours of the eyebrows deeper and make the overall look more stylish.

Starting from the lower side of the eye, the position of the cheekbone extending obliquely to the temple, the appropriate highlights can soften the cheekbones. It can make the lines of the face less awkward and look gentler.

The nose tip and the nose beam are painted with high light, which makes the bridge of the nose look more delicate and straightforward. Especially if the nose of the flesh and the bridge of the nose are collapsed, the contours and lines can be visually adjusted by the high light.

Highlight selection
The choice of highlights should be determined according to your actual skin tone, otherwise the makeup will look unnatural. For example, white skin can choose cool or powder tone. If it is yellowish skin, it is recommended to choose champagne color.

What hairstyle is suitable for summer?

Fresh hairstyle like girls

The straight hairstyle is generally fresh and natural. The slightly curved inner end of the hair is more playful, and the side bangs can modify the face to looked small.

No need to burn, just deal with color, length, thickness, it will looks clean and stylish.

California Wave WOB

This hairstyle combines the sunshine and the sexy, and reveals the exquisiteness in the casual. Different lengths of California wavy hair also have different feelings.

Short Pixie

Although many people like this style, they are afraid that the face is not suitable for this hairstyle. In fact, we can modify the face shape through bangs. Many celebrities interpret this style very well.

Put your nails on the new color

Spring is coming, the girls are starting to put on new stylish clothes, how can they make their fingers bleak? Make a beauty for your fingers. Stylish nails salon can give us a good mood. Red and pink, it feels sweet. Blue nails salon are playful and cute. Metallic nails are perfect for you, making your hands look whiter and more tender.

Do you want an unusual nail art pattern? Try the super-fired Xingyue manicure on Instagram, gentle and beautiful.

How to use shampoo to care for hair properly

1.Don’t pour the shampoo on your hair directly . Too much soap will damage the hair roots. If your shampoo doesn’t blister, it may be because the hair is not wet enough, so dip some water instead of adding more shampoo.

2.Use twice of shampoo. The first time use shampoo removes grease and the second time make the hair fluffy.

3.If your hair is dry, don’t wash it every day. Just wet your hair every two days in the shower, then use conditioner to rinse off.

4.Don’t change shampoo usually, unless your hair changes.

5.Wash your hair with warm water. The effect of shampoo is best with warm water. If the water is too hot, it will make your hair dry and itchy . If the water is too cold, the shampoo will not be rinsed thoroughly.

6.After the hair has been rinsed, then a cold shower, will make the hair more shiny. But pay attention to the temperature difference can not be too large, otherwise it is easy to get sick.

7.First make sure you are using the right conditioner. Protein helps to strengthen the hair and scalp’s moisture and endurance, and moisturizing function can increase the softness and luster of the hair.

8.You should use conditioner like this: use a towel to dry the water on your hair, or at least squeeze out the water left on your hair. When there is too much water in the hair, the conditioner cannot be effectively absorbed.

9.The conditioner should be applied to the middle of the hair or the tip of the hair, not to the root of the scalp.

10.Gently put your fingers through the hair, slowly smooth, so that the conditioner is evenly and smoothly distributed.