Fashion ways to wear polka dots

Polka dots are a timeless fashion trend that are getting a major update now from street style stars. Today’s playful polka dot fashion statements are fluid, sophisticated and surprisingly versatile for wearing to work, going out with friends, and dressing up on dates.

Polka Dots With Other Patterns

When wearing a bold pattern.What’s more modern today, though, is mixing patterns to create your own, unique fashion statement.

Polka Dot T-Shirt Over Jeans

Polka dots and denim are a true American fashion combination. We love how this effortlessly chic fashion formula works beautifully that’s perfect for a casual date. Try wearing a black-and-white polka dot t-shirt over this season’s trendy cropped denim jeans. Accessorize with the highest heels you can wear comfortably, to elongate your legs and add sex appeal to this easy look.

A classic hair color-Balayage

Balayage hair is hotter than ever. Even though it has been a favorite of the celebrities for some time and is becoming increasingly interesting as stylists experiment with new color combinations.

The look has proved popular, becoming a hair color classic rather than a fleeting trend.

What is the difference between Ombre and Balayage?

Ombre hair gives light and shade. The idea is you see a seamless, gradual color change from darker to lighter.

Balayage hair create natural, sun-drenched highlights, giving the hair a beautiful dimension.

Family Party Outfits With Jeans

Dining at home with friends on holiday. When you’re heading to someone’s house for dinner, your outfit needs to be comfortable enough to sit around in, but polished enough to show you made an effort. Plus, keep in mind that, when you are seated at the table, it’s mostly your top that will be on display. We recommend dressing for comfort and style in an easy pair of cropped straight leg jeans, paired with a lush velvet top that feels holiday ready. Accessorize this casual party look with cute earrings or a brightly colored ring, and pretty flats or platform heels.

Strike the right notes of comfort and style for casual spring house parties in unfussy separates that are stylish, easy to wear, and touch on current trends. That black going out top you’ve worn a dozen times will suddenly look new again, when you pair it with spring’s essential flare jean silhouette. Add a sparkly belt and a cute pair of low heels, and you’re all set to get the party started. A black leather jacket, or a cozy faux fur coat, would be a great topper for this outfit.

Great haircuts for women over 70

You can wear your hair on the shoulders if you want, and you can color it as you like.

This hairstyle is great for her because she shows how many hairs she has, which is very much. If you have thick hair, show it by raking and loosening it up.

This long bob hairstyle is a wonderful wash and wear cut that looks great blown or dried in the air. The cut is long enough to flatter her face and looks a little youthful, but not so long that he pulls her face down. The cut is classic and at the same time refined.

Silver hair can be very sexy. However, not all women embrace their natural hair color. Many women become blondes as they age, a natural move, considering that gray is a softer, lighter color than natural brown. However, blond hair does not complement all skin tones. If you’re a naturally dark haired woman, it’s better to dye your hair on a dark base and set bright highlights.

Jacket Fashion Tips For Petites

Jackets belong in every petite woman’s wardrobe because a jacket is a go-to garment for both work and weekend wear. Wearing a jacket is also a great way to hide midriff and tummy bulges.
Choose single-breasted jackets, rather than double-breasted jackets.

Pick a classic jacket with a V-neckline. Classically styled jackets that form a V-neckline when buttoned flatter petites because they make us look taller.

Buy fitted or semi-fitted jackets to create flattering, shapely lines. Petites can get lost in loose-fitted or oversized jackets.

Make sure jackets fit in the bust. You should be able to button a jacket without any gaping or pulling across the bust line.

Wear shorter jackets that end at the high hip and flatter most petites by creating the illusion of longer legs.

Wear jackets with long sleeves or at least three quarter length sleeves. Short-sleeved jackets are fairly useless.

Select jackets made of smooth, rather than thick, bulky fabric in order to create a longer, leaner line.
Create the illusion of a slimmer and taller line by wearing jackets with vertical lines and seaming .
Avoid patch pockets, no matter where they’re placed on jackets, to maintain the sleekest line.

Maximize wearability and create a leaner, taller look by selecting jackets in solid colors without embellishment. If you love prints, you can always wear a print blouse, dress, or skirt with your jacket. Jackets with subtle neutral designs, such as Glen plaid or pinstripes, will also work for petites.

Reasonable diet can prevent hair loss

If the hair loss is severe, we can reduce hair loss through a reasonable diet.

1.Supplement iron. The lack of iron in the human body can lead to hair loss. Iron-rich foods include soybeans, black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, squid, bananas, carrots, and potatoes.

2.Supplement vegetable protein. Dry hair, split ends, you should eat soy, black sesame and corn.

3.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with alkaline substances. One of the factors of hair loss and yellowing of the hair is due to acidic toxins in the blood. Physical and mental fatigue, long-term overeating of pure sugar and fatty foods, so that the body’s metabolic process produces acid toxins. Acids in foods such as liver, meat, and onions tend to cause too much acid toxin in the blood, so eat less.

4.Supplement iodine. The luster of the hair is related to the action of the thyroid gland. Iodine supplementation can enhance the secretory function of the thyroid and is beneficial to hair growth. You should eat kelp, seaweed and oysters.

5.Supplement vitamin E. It resists hair aging, promotes cell division, and causes hair to grow. You should eat more fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame and so on.

6.Eat more black food such as black sesame and black beans to promote hair. Eat celery, coriander, broccoli to prevent hair loss.


Slim always wins: Remember about jeans and pants that a sleek, tailored cut always looks chic and elegant. No, you do not have to wear trendy denim and skinny jeans to look cool, but a tight fit on the leg will make your figure look stylish.

Feeling sexy without betraying too much: no matter how old you are, an adult woman always wants to feel sexy when the occasion demands it. Highlight your best features – whether your chest, legs, arms or shoulders – and leave the rest a mystery. To show too much skin as a mature woman has the opposite effect that you may intend, leaving you out of touch and older than you are!

Lead with the handbag: Since it fits and flatters every body type, handbags are a trendy or timeless accessory that is accessible to everyone. Keep up to date, if you like, but know that textured, classic bags made of high quality materials are always in style. With a big bag, you can not go wrong at any age.

Best Mini-me-Fashionable Parents And Kids!

Many parents are proud to wear same outfits with their children and have the same hairstyle. Transform their children into their miniature copies. I think it’s really cute and cool when parents and kids dress the same and have the same hairstyle. Here are some photos of fashionable parents and kids who posted their awesome photos on Instagram and other social networks. These parents are not only fashionable, but also very creative.

We tried to select the best mini-photos to show how cute this trend is.

You should try these trendy bob hairstyles

1.Medium Straight Bob

Is there anything more sophisticated and fancier than a straight hair bob? This look is perfect for formal occasions where it’s important to dress tightly.

2.Two-Tone Color Bob

This asymmetric bob is sexy and edgy and fits most face shapes. Smooth your hair with a flat iron to form this oblique cut, slightly longer at the front and slightly shorter at the back. This will perfectly enhance your eyes and cheeks.

3.Asymmetrical Bob

Let’s start with the asymmetrical bob – so trendy.

4.Side Curved Bob

With uneven lengths, straight hair and different textures, the blonde hairstyle is dynamic and modern.

5.Bob With Bangs

3 Beauty Tips Make You Like A Beauty Blogger

1. Eye Makeup is first

Make-up beginners often shake hands when applying makeup. When you turn wrong eyeliner, you have to remove it , and the eye shadow will become dirty more or less.

After applying the skin care products, apply eye base around the eyes, first make eye makeup, and then start makeup around the eyes. Not only the makeup on the back of the face can be cleaner, but also the eye shadow can cover the dark circles.

2. Baking fixed makeup

Most of the time, the makeup is a simple sweep of the powder on the face, but in fact, this method is only suitable for dry skin. For oily skin, it can keep for several hours in winter and reveal the original shape in summer.

The popular baking makeup method. After the makeup and concealer , use a dry beauty egg to spread the powder on the bottom of the eyes and nose. After 5-10 minutes, use the brush to sweep the excess powder.

There are two advantages to baking makeup, one is very effective, the second is brightening, and it can keep makeup long time.

3. Pre-makeup modify the neck

When you finished the makeup, you found the color difference between your neck and face.

If you apply liquid foundation on your neck, it will become troublesome to remove makeup afterwards. After all, the neck is difficult to wash.

Use the Pre-makeup to modify the neck. Just wash it with clean water. With a moisturizing Pre-makeup, the skin can be younger and more tender, and the wrinkles in the neck can be reduced.