2019 fashion show stunning short hair style

In recent years, the long Bob and the classic Bob have become the unbeaten status leading the trend. Now the short hair style is a high popularity, it seems to be sweeping this summer.

The whole trend is a variety of changing hairstyles based on the pixie-cut, which prefers short and neat trimming and clever use of different hair length changes. Short hair is easy to blow dry and may only require a mini hair dryer.

The latest short hair style is indispensable with bangs, regardless of long bangs, short bangs, thick bangs or fluffy bangs.

In view of the trendy of neutrality, short hair may be a good choice.

The ultra-short Bob generously shows the curve of the neck and ears. Suitable for people who love bangs and want to use it in short hair style.

This hairstyle suitable a square face or a heart face.

This short hair is more popular and more feminine. The secret is its irregularity, which makes it easy to managered.

This short hair is curly hair and is perfect for people with long necks.

Very charming hairstyle, short Bob without bangs, revealing ears and neck.

Light hair, dark eyebrows!

The days of thin eyebrows have gone. Procedures like permanent makeup and microblading show women a thicker look for their eyebrows. Maybe because people now think that it balances the face or that it’s the opposite of what happened ten years ago or that thicker brows look healthy. Thicker brows are undoubtedly in, and this is not a trend nobody will regret – especially with light hair color ideas.

Inspiration and Hair Trends for thicker eyebrows and fair hair.

Thick brown eyebrows from Portray Youthfulness

As people get older, the hair on the eyebrows starts to paint (not too much when you’re younger!) The thick eyebrow drama makes people look younger. If you die off your eyebrows to get that fresh expression, you should consider popping them with a blond.

Blond and Brown
The recipe for trendsetters today is pretty clear – upsets the norm and draws attention to this once-forgotten facial feature. Strong eyebrows give every look wildness and drama.

70-year-old “fashionable girl”

Instagram has a group of “predecessor” fashion bloggers who never over-repaired photos, dress whatever they want, and feel relaxed and playful. Their most striking feature is a silver hair. They are a group of 60-70-year-old fashionable grandmothers who are more sophisticated than many young people.

A fashionable grandmother who has recently been on the hot search is called Sylviane Degunst. Over 60 years old, she is slender and slender, and she is like a girl.

Open her Instagram, it can be described as “treasure”. The body language is very rich, even if it is jumping, it is also very happy, completely subverting our inherent understanding of the 60-year-old grandmother.

Sylviane studied film and literature and edited it. At the age of 54, he was discovered by a scout as a model.

Her dress style is very fashionable, and the strong sense of lens and expressiveness is also a lot of points, and all aspects are not lost to young bloggers.

Although the years left a trace on her face, she did not affect her teenage girl’s mentality at all, and completely turned her life into what we wanted.

In addition to Sylviane Degunst, there is also a grandma-level fashion blogger Linda Rodin, who is also alive than a girl.

The ponytail and big sunglasses are her logo. She likes to paint red lips and like to wear Denim. Even if she is nearly 70 years old, she is still fashionable and exquisite.

Linda, who has worked as a stylist and model, has a good clothing and aesthetics. The usual advertisements and magazines are also inviting, and the fashion blockbuster is for her.

And her private match is equally exciting and stylish, coupled with the iconic silver hair and sunglasses, the atmosphere is full.

Wearing a dress, she can also look like a girl.

We want to ask that what makes them live more and more like a girl? This is a positive attitude towards life. It has nothing to do with age, it only represents your life experience, as long as you want, you can live as energetic as a girl at any time.

Add a crochettop make your swimsuit look better

Create a stylish seaside look, of course an excellent swimsuit is important, but if you know how to use other items to match it, you can often make your swimsuit look better.

If you don’t have the perfect bodyshape like a supermodel, use the popular items to add brilliance to your swimsuit. This is the fashion way to create the seaside style.

Add a crochettop

Affected by the retro trend of the 1970s, the crocheted singles began to resurgence this year. The crocheted singles that were popular in the 1970s are not as representative as the bell-bottoms, but they are also the love of the hippies. Maybe you think It is difficult to wear out of the street, so you have the opportunity to go on holiday with a swimsuit.

Irina Shayk puts on a long crocheted skirt outside the swimsuit, and the exposed figure is more sexy.

Nicole Richie chooses a bright orange that perfectly sets off tanned skin.

Candice Swanepoel’s crocheted blouse is pretty cute. The stylish and practical piece is the most worthwhile investment.

The classic black and white can create a completely different style of seaside.

Rock 6 best natural hairstyles for black woman

If you’re looking for new ideas for your natural hair next time, try one of these stunning looks.

Rolls and low pony combo
There are few people as glamorous as Regina King. So it’s no surprise that she had an amazing updo style. Her super-long braid was placed with a ballerina half roll.

Fulani braids
The Met Gala hairstyle by Issa Rae was particularly sparkling with golden ornaments. With or without decorative beads this is both regal and funny.

Playful middle section
The exuberant personality of Tracee Ellis Ross is expressed in this full, shoulder-length style, which saves the volume for the sides and stays low.

Flirty brow pieces
Victoria’s Secret Model Samile Bermanelli’s tight locks have a sexy piece, including a few strands that tease the look of pony without a full pony.

Short and shiny curls
We would smile from ear to ear like Samira Wiley, if we had such a cute style. A high dose of shine gives definition to her tight, springy curls.

Curly pony
Who says curly hair can not have bangs? Zendaya proves that with its natural texture you can not only have bangs, you do not have to straighten it to look incredible.

High saturation rainbow eye makeup

The temperature in spring is always unstable, sometimes hot and sometimes cool. But still can’t stop the pace of summer. If you have prepared exaggerated sunglasses, sexy short skirts and cool clothes for this summer, don’t forget to modify your face and apply high-saturation eye makeup to make your summer more colorful!

Purple eye makeup

Make your eyes more charming and mysterious.

Maple Leaf Red Eye Makeup

It’s trending color of this year, suitable for red carpet makeup, is also suitable for daily makeup.

Green eye makeup

Like the elves in the forest, they are lively and energetic.

Trendy Pixie hairstyles

The pixie hairstyles that have appeared in black women are absolutely stunning. Whether your natural hair texture, thick, kinky, curly, chemically smooth or wavy, a pixie can be a great choice, as you’ll see in this photo gallery. It is also a good choice for women who prefer to weave or wigs.

And it’s a popular choice. The pixie is the hottest trend for short hairstyles.

How you look in a pixie depends largely on your face shape, your body type.

Your face shape

Your face shape is important to an elf because you want to create the illusion that you have a perfect oval face.

The Pixie is best for women with heart-shaped, square and oval faces.

The Pixie is a great option for women with round faces. Make sure the pony is long and shape it forward or up to create the illusion of length.

Fashion ways to wear polka dots

Polka dots are a timeless fashion trend that are getting a major update now from street style stars. Today’s playful polka dot fashion statements are fluid, sophisticated and surprisingly versatile for wearing to work, going out with friends, and dressing up on dates.

Polka Dots With Other Patterns

When wearing a bold pattern.What’s more modern today, though, is mixing patterns to create your own, unique fashion statement.

Polka Dot T-Shirt Over Jeans

Polka dots and denim are a true American fashion combination. We love how this effortlessly chic fashion formula works beautifully that’s perfect for a casual date. Try wearing a black-and-white polka dot t-shirt over this season’s trendy cropped denim jeans. Accessorize with the highest heels you can wear comfortably, to elongate your legs and add sex appeal to this easy look.

A classic hair color-Balayage

Balayage hair is hotter than ever. Even though it has been a favorite of the celebrities for some time and is becoming increasingly interesting as stylists experiment with new color combinations.

The look has proved popular, becoming a hair color classic rather than a fleeting trend.

What is the difference between Ombre and Balayage?

Ombre hair gives light and shade. The idea is you see a seamless, gradual color change from darker to lighter.

Balayage hair create natural, sun-drenched highlights, giving the hair a beautiful dimension.

Family Party Outfits With Jeans

Dining at home with friends on holiday. When you’re heading to someone’s house for dinner, your outfit needs to be comfortable enough to sit around in, but polished enough to show you made an effort. Plus, keep in mind that, when you are seated at the table, it’s mostly your top that will be on display. We recommend dressing for comfort and style in an easy pair of cropped straight leg jeans, paired with a lush velvet top that feels holiday ready. Accessorize this casual party look with cute earrings or a brightly colored ring, and pretty flats or platform heels.

Strike the right notes of comfort and style for casual spring house parties in unfussy separates that are stylish, easy to wear, and touch on current trends. That black going out top you’ve worn a dozen times will suddenly look new again, when you pair it with spring’s essential flare jean silhouette. Add a sparkly belt and a cute pair of low heels, and you’re all set to get the party started. A black leather jacket, or a cozy faux fur coat, would be a great topper for this outfit.