These Accessories You Need For Your Next Pool Party

I can already feel it– June gloom is ending and super hot and sunny days are coming. That means time for beach days and pool parties. If you’re like me, then sometimes you probably prefer hanging out by the pool over going to the beach and getting sandy. I love pool parties and outdoor BBQs because they give you an excuse to pretend you’re on vacation and wear all the cute beach outfits. If you’ve got a fun pool day coming up, here are some accessories for taking your poolside look to the next level.

1.Cover Up
No pool party or beach day outfit is complete without a chic cover up. It’s what you show up in to make your entrance to the party and what you leave in. This summer a colorful cover up is the way to go.

2.Straw Hat

Straw hats are not only cute, but they’re super practical for protecting your face from sun damage.

3.Statement Sunglasses
They’re the perfect accessory for any daytime outfit. Right now I’m loving the cat eye trend and the oversize flat brow trend.

Evening party makeup like a queen

A touch of smoky makeup, a different dinner makeup

Get used to the black smoky makeup, let’s get a little different! This different smoky makeup will definitely make you the protagonist at the party!

STEP1: Apply a bright BB cream to the entire face, apply oil to loose powder, and focus on sweeping the powder around the eyes to absorb excess oil.

STEP2: Draw a word eyebrow with a brow brush and a light brown eyebrow powder.

STEP3: Apply a pearly beige eye shadow to the upper eyelid.

STEP4: Apply a pearly golden orange eye shadow to the front half of the upper eyelid.

STEP5: Apply a pearly nude pink eye shadow to the middle of the upper eyelid.

STEP6: Apply the deep grape red wine to the end of the upper eyelid eye, pay attention to outline the eye socket.

STEP7: Use your finger to draw the same color eye shadow and press it again to strengthen the color in the middle.

STEP8: Use a brush to smudge the eye shadow just once again.

STEP9: Apply a golden eye shadow with pearls to the bottom of the lower eyelid.

STEP10: Apply a pearlescent pale brown eye shadow to the lower half of the lower eyelid.

STEP11: Apply chocolate brown to the bottom of the lower eyelid.

Two-color eyeline

STEP12: Draw the eyeliner with a brown eyeliner with golden pearls, and draw only the first half.

STEP13: Use the sponge head to naturally smudge the eyeliner.

STEP14: Use the black eyeliner to draw the eyeliner on the back half of the eye. The end of the eye is naturally thickened.

STEP15: Continue to draw the eyeliner with a brown eyeliner with golden pearls, and draw only the first half.

Two-color eyelash

STEP16: Carefully apply brown mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes, and only brush the front half.

STEP17: Carefully apply black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes in the back half of the eye.

STEP18: Use a golden eye shadow brush with a pearl to brighten the C-shape at the eye.


STEP19: Brush bare pink blush over the cheekbones.

STEP20: Brush coral pink blush on the cheekbones.

Lip makeup

STEP21: After the lip is bottomed, apply two-thirds of the full lip to the orange lipstick.

STEP22: After taking a large red lipstick with a lip brush, apply it to the outer edge of the lip and pay attention to outline.

2019 fashion show stunning short hair style

In recent years, the long Bob and the classic Bob have become the unbeaten status leading the trend. Now the short hair style is a high popularity, it seems to be sweeping this summer.

The whole trend is a variety of changing hairstyles based on the pixie-cut, which prefers short and neat trimming and clever use of different hair length changes. Short hair is easy to blow dry and may only require a mini hair dryer.

The latest short hair style is indispensable with bangs, regardless of long bangs, short bangs, thick bangs or fluffy bangs.

In view of the trendy of neutrality, short hair may be a good choice.

The ultra-short Bob generously shows the curve of the neck and ears. Suitable for people who love bangs and want to use it in short hair style.

This hairstyle suitable a square face or a heart face.

This short hair is more popular and more feminine. The secret is its irregularity, which makes it easy to managered.

This short hair is curly hair and is perfect for people with long necks.

Very charming hairstyle, short Bob without bangs, revealing ears and neck.