2019 fashion show stunning short hair style

In recent years, the long Bob and the classic Bob have become the unbeaten status leading the trend. Now the short hair style is a high popularity, it seems to be sweeping this summer.

The whole trend is a variety of changing hairstyles based on the pixie-cut, which prefers short and neat trimming and clever use of different hair length changes. Short hair is easy to blow dry and may only require a mini hair dryer.

The latest short hair style is indispensable with bangs, regardless of long bangs, short bangs, thick bangs or fluffy bangs.

In view of the trendy of neutrality, short hair may be a good choice.

The ultra-short Bob generously shows the curve of the neck and ears. Suitable for people who love bangs and want to use it in short hair style.

This hairstyle suitable a square face or a heart face.

This short hair is more popular and more feminine. The secret is its irregularity, which makes it easy to managered.

This short hair is curly hair and is perfect for people with long necks.

Very charming hairstyle, short Bob without bangs, revealing ears and neck.

Rock 6 best natural hairstyles for black woman

If you’re looking for new ideas for your natural hair next time, try one of these stunning looks.

Rolls and low pony combo
There are few people as glamorous as Regina King. So it’s no surprise that she had an amazing updo style. Her super-long braid was placed with a ballerina half roll.

Fulani braids
The Met Gala hairstyle by Issa Rae was particularly sparkling with golden ornaments. With or without decorative beads this is both regal and funny.

Playful middle section
The exuberant personality of Tracee Ellis Ross is expressed in this full, shoulder-length style, which saves the volume for the sides and stays low.

Flirty brow pieces
Victoria’s Secret Model Samile Bermanelli’s tight locks have a sexy piece, including a few strands that tease the look of pony without a full pony.

Short and shiny curls
We would smile from ear to ear like Samira Wiley, if we had such a cute style. A high dose of shine gives definition to her tight, springy curls.

Curly pony
Who says curly hair can not have bangs? Zendaya proves that with its natural texture you can not only have bangs, you do not have to straighten it to look incredible.

Trendy Pixie hairstyles

The pixie hairstyles that have appeared in black women are absolutely stunning. Whether your natural hair texture, thick, kinky, curly, chemically smooth or wavy, a pixie can be a great choice, as you’ll see in this photo gallery. It is also a good choice for women who prefer to weave or wigs.

And it’s a popular choice. The pixie is the hottest trend for short hairstyles.

How you look in a pixie depends largely on your face shape, your body type.

Your face shape

Your face shape is important to an elf because you want to create the illusion that you have a perfect oval face.

The Pixie is best for women with heart-shaped, square and oval faces.

The Pixie is a great option for women with round faces. Make sure the pony is long and shape it forward or up to create the illusion of length.

A classic hair color-Balayage

Balayage hair is hotter than ever. Even though it has been a favorite of the celebrities for some time and is becoming increasingly interesting as stylists experiment with new color combinations.

The look has proved popular, becoming a hair color classic rather than a fleeting trend.

What is the difference between Ombre and Balayage?

Ombre hair gives light and shade. The idea is you see a seamless, gradual color change from darker to lighter.

Balayage hair create natural, sun-drenched highlights, giving the hair a beautiful dimension.

Great haircuts for women over 70

You can wear your hair on the shoulders if you want, and you can color it as you like.

This hairstyle is great for her because she shows how many hairs she has, which is very much. If you have thick hair, show it by raking and loosening it up.

This long bob hairstyle is a wonderful wash and wear cut that looks great blown or dried in the air. The cut is long enough to flatter her face and looks a little youthful, but not so long that he pulls her face down. The cut is classic and at the same time refined.

Silver hair can be very sexy. However, not all women embrace their natural hair color. Many women become blondes as they age, a natural move, considering that gray is a softer, lighter color than natural brown. However, blond hair does not complement all skin tones. If you’re a naturally dark haired woman, it’s better to dye your hair on a dark base and set bright highlights.

Reasonable diet can prevent hair loss

If the hair loss is severe, we can reduce hair loss through a reasonable diet.

1.Supplement iron. The lack of iron in the human body can lead to hair loss. Iron-rich foods include soybeans, black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, squid, bananas, carrots, and potatoes.

2.Supplement vegetable protein. Dry hair, split ends, you should eat soy, black sesame and corn.

3.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with alkaline substances. One of the factors of hair loss and yellowing of the hair is due to acidic toxins in the blood. Physical and mental fatigue, long-term overeating of pure sugar and fatty foods, so that the body’s metabolic process produces acid toxins. Acids in foods such as liver, meat, and onions tend to cause too much acid toxin in the blood, so eat less.

4.Supplement iodine. The luster of the hair is related to the action of the thyroid gland. Iodine supplementation can enhance the secretory function of the thyroid and is beneficial to hair growth. You should eat kelp, seaweed and oysters.

5.Supplement vitamin E. It resists hair aging, promotes cell division, and causes hair to grow. You should eat more fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame and so on.

6.Eat more black food such as black sesame and black beans to promote hair. Eat celery, coriander, broccoli to prevent hair loss.

You should try these trendy bob hairstyles

1.Medium Straight Bob

Is there anything more sophisticated and fancier than a straight hair bob? This look is perfect for formal occasions where it’s important to dress tightly.

2.Two-Tone Color Bob

This asymmetric bob is sexy and edgy and fits most face shapes. Smooth your hair with a flat iron to form this oblique cut, slightly longer at the front and slightly shorter at the back. This will perfectly enhance your eyes and cheeks.

3.Asymmetrical Bob

Let’s start with the asymmetrical bob – so trendy.

4.Side Curved Bob

With uneven lengths, straight hair and different textures, the blonde hairstyle is dynamic and modern.

5.Bob With Bangs

What hairstyle is suitable for summer?

Fresh hairstyle like girls

The straight hairstyle is generally fresh and natural. The slightly curved inner end of the hair is more playful, and the side bangs can modify the face to looked small.

No need to burn, just deal with color, length, thickness, it will looks clean and stylish.

California Wave WOB

This hairstyle combines the sunshine and the sexy, and reveals the exquisiteness in the casual. Different lengths of California wavy hair also have different feelings.

Short Pixie

Although many people like this style, they are afraid that the face is not suitable for this hairstyle. In fact, we can modify the face shape through bangs. Many celebrities interpret this style very well.

How to use shampoo to care for hair properly

1.Don’t pour the shampoo on your hair directly . Too much soap will damage the hair roots. If your shampoo doesn’t blister, it may be because the hair is not wet enough, so dip some water instead of adding more shampoo.

2.Use twice of shampoo. The first time use shampoo removes grease and the second time make the hair fluffy.

3.If your hair is dry, don’t wash it every day. Just wet your hair every two days in the shower, then use conditioner to rinse off.

4.Don’t change shampoo usually, unless your hair changes.

5.Wash your hair with warm water. The effect of shampoo is best with warm water. If the water is too hot, it will make your hair dry and itchy . If the water is too cold, the shampoo will not be rinsed thoroughly.

6.After the hair has been rinsed, then a cold shower, will make the hair more shiny. But pay attention to the temperature difference can not be too large, otherwise it is easy to get sick.

7.First make sure you are using the right conditioner. Protein helps to strengthen the hair and scalp’s moisture and endurance, and moisturizing function can increase the softness and luster of the hair.

8.You should use conditioner like this: use a towel to dry the water on your hair, or at least squeeze out the water left on your hair. When there is too much water in the hair, the conditioner cannot be effectively absorbed.

9.The conditioner should be applied to the middle of the hair or the tip of the hair, not to the root of the scalp.

10.Gently put your fingers through the hair, slowly smooth, so that the conditioner is evenly and smoothly distributed.