How to choose swimsuit for your body types

Body Types have hourglass, triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle and apple-shaped figures. We need to understand our body clearly to choose the right swimsuit.

Like the sand-filled hourglass from which the name derives, this body type is distinguished by shoulders that align in width with the hips and a narrow waist that tapers inwards. One-piece swimsuit and slim swimsuit will really turn up the heat by emphasising narrow waists.

The characteristic feature of this shape is hips that are wider than the chest and shoulders. If you’re looking to balance out your figure, you will need to select lingerie that draws attention upwards. Garments such as a corset, bustier, push up bra or lacey babydoll will all achieve this.

That is similar to the hourglass figure, without the distinctly tapered in waist. Shoulders and hips will align to form a sleek rectangular figure. Women with this body shape should strive for swimsuit that brings definition to the waist, such as flirty camisoles, corsets and bustiers.

Inverted Triangle
The body shape with broad shoulders, a large bust and a narrow waist and hips and you have an inverted triangle. One-piece sexy swimsuit is your secret weapon. This piece will slim your shoulders and elongate the body while appearing sexy and confident.

Curvaceous ladies with wide hips and a large bust similar to the beautiful. A sexy matching set will balance out the figure by drawing attention to the body as a whole, rather than focusing on any specific part.

Flowered dresses are icons of elegance, femininity and tenderness

Fashion seasons come and go, and flowered dresses are experiencing good and worse times. For women who wear them, they enhance their elegance, femininity and tenderness. It is simply hard, aggressive and adamant in flowered clothes. In the case of a nicely shaped figure, they can look more appealing than other outfits.

Since time immemorial, women have used flowers to amplify their own charm, not just the living ones. We have witnessed the perfect interpretation of flower dresses in our daily life, red carpets and T shows.Especially the floral dress in the wedding, like a fairy.

The flowers were and will be a favorite motif for women’s clothing – women are fresh and younger in them. Perhaps it is because we strongly associate them with spring and summer. And just as in the wild, flowers disappear in time to reappear in full spring , the same happens with them in fashion. Lace, embroidery, woven and printed patterns with floral motifs are repeatedly returning to fashion and accompanying women’s clothing to the present in various variations.

What Styles Zendaya Brings To The Red Carpet

Zendaya, The 22-year-old star as an American actress and singer, always attracts my attention. Similarly, every time she attends the red carpet and the style in daily life, always tell us what is the trendy.

Zendaya is Lancôme’s newest global ambassador. “It’s a huge honor to be able to represent a brand like Lancôme and join such an incredible line-up of iconic women,” said Zendaya in a statement.

She’s a star we often look to for inspiration on the red carpet because she’s fearless when it comes to trying new colors, products, or trends .
What’s more impressive is what makeup looks Zendaya brings to the red carpet every time. Whether it is straight hair, curly hair, or a high ponytail and more, she can master easily.