How to create a perfect makeup profile with highlight

Brow bone
Highlighting the brow bones can make the contours of the eyebrows deeper and make the overall look more stylish.

Starting from the lower side of the eye, the position of the cheekbone extending obliquely to the temple, the appropriate highlights can soften the cheekbones. It can make the lines of the face less awkward and look gentler.

The nose tip and the nose beam are painted with high light, which makes the bridge of the nose look more delicate and straightforward. Especially if the nose of the flesh and the bridge of the nose are collapsed, the contours and lines can be visually adjusted by the high light.

Highlight selection
The choice of highlights should be determined according to your actual skin tone, otherwise the makeup will look unnatural. For example, white skin can choose cool or powder tone. If it is yellowish skin, it is recommended to choose champagne color.

2019 trendy colorful of makeup

In the trend of makeup in 2019, there will be more and more “gloss”. Whether it is lip gloss or eye shadow, the gloss will gradually increase. In the color of 2019, retro is also a key keyword.

Face makeup

Colorful liquid highlights the skeletal structure, adds radiance to the skin, giving the skin an iridescent glow.

Eye makeup

Shiny nautical tones dominate the eye makeup. Colorful liquid eye shadows don’t need to be mixed, just use the eye shadow stick on the lid and put on the makeup. A little bit of effort can create a melting effect.

Lip gloss

The psychedelic pink lip color collides with the simple eye makeup to create a fresh and warm look. Pure liquid lip balm with rainbow-colored lip gloss adds vitality, and shines the look.

Natural eyelash

Since last year, everyone has paid attention to their true eyelashes, focusing on natural methods to nourish eyelashes and make them grow.

Eyeliner is important to our makeup

We all know how important it is to line our eyes; a look is just never complete without it, so I’ve selevted some helpful eyeliner makeup for you.

Long eyeliner
Use a smudge-proof eyeliner to create a glamorous eyeliner makeup.

Winged eyeliner
Extremely eye-catching black eye makeup.

Cat eyeliner
A soft cat eye brings such a flirty, dainty look.

Geometric eyeliner
Double eyeliner with artistic eye makeup.

Natural eye makeup
Slightly smudge with a cotton swab to create a natural eye makeup, perfect for commuting to work.

Contrast eyeliner
Use black eyeliner to superimpose eyelids, and then use color eyeliner create a visual impact.

Line eye makeup
Use eyeliner to outline the eyelids, draw a fold in the center of the eyelids, eye-catching.

Eyeshadow eyeliner
Rich, dark eyeliner with a few glitters. This is a very popular eyeliner makeup.

Use lipstick to enhance your appearance

Lipstick is very important for girls. Many people think that eye makeup can be used, but lipstick must be used. A suitable lipstick can instantly enhance your look.

Peach color

This color is very lively. This color sounds very delicate. It will make you look like a girl!

Tomato color

Tomato color is also popular this year, the color is like a mature tomato. This color is more full and brighter than the bright red. Because this color is very catching, it’s very suitable for a makeup with a high saturation, which is very temperament.

Maple color

This color is gentle and fashionable. It is suitable for many occasions. Both elegant and gentle.

How to clean and use beauty sponges

Beauty sponge is the most popular cosmetic sponge recently. It can creat a thin makeup and natural look makeup, but the only drawback is that it needs to be cleaned every time. How to clean the beauty sponge?

  1. Thoroughly soak the sponge with clean water. Squeeze the sponge a little, apply the cleaner to the beauty sponge, squeeze the sponge with your fingers and palms, rub it repeatedly, don’t use too much force. At this time, the foam will clean the residual make-up. When the foam turns white, it prove that the sponge is clean.
  2. Rinse the sponge with plenty of water. After cleaning, put the sponge in a cool, ventilated place to dry. Beauty sponges can’t be exposed under the sun.

Cosmetic sponges have in a variety of colors, the most popular being pink. According to the survey, this hoist makeup sponge is suitable for the depths of the eyelids, eyelashes and skin texture. The end of the gourd cosmetic sponge is well matched to the contours of the face. Before using the cosmetic sponge, first soak it, let it fully absorb the water, then squeeze the water out, take the foundation makeup in a slightly damp state, or choose to apply the foundation to the face, then use the cucurbit makeup sponge. Gently press it evenly.

Spring Trendy Makeup You Should Known

Recently, fashion shows from all over the world have finished. Top designers and photographers have come together to select the most eye-catching models and the pictures on the show. So we are able to sort out 2019 the latest trends and glamorous makeup trends..

When we all started to get bored with artificial lighting and flashing equipment, the British model Thoruton Bregezzi was on a steady pace in the New York show, with a delicate glitter on the forehead like the dawn, with pale pink soft lips, the whole People are like being shrouded in soft light.

The delicate golden glitter blends into the skin, not the rough floating on the surface of the skin, so it won’t look too exaggerated in the near future.

This minimalist makeup that emphasizes the luster is one of the popular elements in this year.

Although the fashion trend takes care of the 90s youth, this retro trend has a strong impact on people’s horizons. The eyelashes tend to cluster and have a gap in the middle, which highlights the eye makeup is also very simple and clean.

In ordinary everyday makeup, it is difficult to use colored eye shadows, but this time the show model uses a small area to paint fresh color techniques, apply various colored eyeliners at the end of the eye. Make the model’s face exudes a subtle vitality.