The secrets behind great-looking makeup

Not sure what the best graduation makeup look is for your big day?
For makeup to look flawless and to last long, Here are three of the secrets behind great-looking and long-lasting makeup:

1.Moisturize your skin.
Every professional makeup artist emphasizes the importance of a properly hydrated skin before applying makeup. Restoring the luster and bounce of your skin will allow your makeup products to glide on more smoothly and last longer.

Essence will prep the skin to better absorb the skin care products you will be applying afterward. After the essence, apply refining lotion. This will diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines. Follow that up with moisturizer and eye cream. If you have time for a sheet mask, apply it before the moisturizer for that extra boost.

2.Exfoliate your skin.
You can give your skin the boost it needs by assisting in the skin renewal process to reveal younger-looking and smoother skin.

Actually you should be getting every two weeks to get rid of dry, dead skin. Also, do not forget your lips. Sugar scrub for the lips will get rid of flakiness.

3.Make sure your tools are clean.
Although it is time-consuming to clean your sponges and makeup brushes every day, do so. Dirty makeup tools are the culprits behind spotty or patchy makeup.

To clean your beauty sponges, use water and mild liquid soap. Squeeze the makeup out of them and rinse them under running water. As for makeup brushes, there are different brush cleaners you can use.

Some of the best secrets behind great looking makeup are all about prepping the face. Combine these with professional makeup application techniques, you can be sure to create consistently beautiful makeup looks.

You can keep a Vaseline in your beauty drawer

Vaseline is a colorless, odorless, non-fluorescent transparent paste that does not contain any additives, moisture and impurities. It can be used in many places in our daily life.

1.Medical Vaseline dressing has the effect of sterilizing, inhibiting bacteria, lubricating and protecting the skin against chapping.

2.Skin care and moisturizing, when the skin feels dry in winter, you can use Vaseline to wipe your face.

3.As a lipstick: Vaseline because of the oil, in the dry season, using Vaseline as a lipstick when you went to sleep, it can make your lips restore hydration.

4.As a cream for hand: When the weather is getting dry, you can using Vaseline as a hand cream.

5.Vaseline can deepen the eyebrows, apply Vaseline on the used mascara brush, used to comb the eyebrows, will make the eyebrows easier to shape. And this can make a thicker eyebrows, and the girl with light eyebrows can try it.

6.Make an eye shadow paste. Mixing eye shadow powder with Vaseline and adjusting it in your hand will turn it into an eye shadow effect.

7.Smear a small amount of Vaseline on the messy hairline, then the hairline no longer fly casually.

8. Nail care, before applying nail polish, apply a layer of Vaseline on the fingertips, even if the nail edge is painted, it will be easily to clean.

9.Hair care, apply a little Vaseline at the end of the hair, it can moisturize your hair thoroughly, make the hair more smooth.

Evening party makeup like a queen

A touch of smoky makeup, a different dinner makeup

Get used to the black smoky makeup, let’s get a little different! This different smoky makeup will definitely make you the protagonist at the party!

STEP1: Apply a bright BB cream to the entire face, apply oil to loose powder, and focus on sweeping the powder around the eyes to absorb excess oil.

STEP2: Draw a word eyebrow with a brow brush and a light brown eyebrow powder.

STEP3: Apply a pearly beige eye shadow to the upper eyelid.

STEP4: Apply a pearly golden orange eye shadow to the front half of the upper eyelid.

STEP5: Apply a pearly nude pink eye shadow to the middle of the upper eyelid.

STEP6: Apply the deep grape red wine to the end of the upper eyelid eye, pay attention to outline the eye socket.

STEP7: Use your finger to draw the same color eye shadow and press it again to strengthen the color in the middle.

STEP8: Use a brush to smudge the eye shadow just once again.

STEP9: Apply a golden eye shadow with pearls to the bottom of the lower eyelid.

STEP10: Apply a pearlescent pale brown eye shadow to the lower half of the lower eyelid.

STEP11: Apply chocolate brown to the bottom of the lower eyelid.

Two-color eyeline

STEP12: Draw the eyeliner with a brown eyeliner with golden pearls, and draw only the first half.

STEP13: Use the sponge head to naturally smudge the eyeliner.

STEP14: Use the black eyeliner to draw the eyeliner on the back half of the eye. The end of the eye is naturally thickened.

STEP15: Continue to draw the eyeliner with a brown eyeliner with golden pearls, and draw only the first half.

Two-color eyelash

STEP16: Carefully apply brown mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes, and only brush the front half.

STEP17: Carefully apply black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes in the back half of the eye.

STEP18: Use a golden eye shadow brush with a pearl to brighten the C-shape at the eye.


STEP19: Brush bare pink blush over the cheekbones.

STEP20: Brush coral pink blush on the cheekbones.

Lip makeup

STEP21: After the lip is bottomed, apply two-thirds of the full lip to the orange lipstick.

STEP22: After taking a large red lipstick with a lip brush, apply it to the outer edge of the lip and pay attention to outline.

Which people need eye cream especially?

Women’s skin condition will decline from the age of 25, so 25-year-old will start using eye cream. In fact, we need to be use it in advance.

20 years old

Although significant wrinkles have not yet formed, the fine lines formed by dry skin are faintly visible. It is best to start preventing dryness at this time.

Use moisturizing products that are easily absorbed.

30 years old

Slim wrinkles begin to appear on the outside of the eye and on the outside of the corner of the eye. If the moisturizing treatment is done thoroughly, it can be improved.

Use an eye product that has antioxidant properties and moisturizing.

40 years old

There is no sense of tightness around the eyelids, wrinkles in the eyes and corners of the eyes increase, and become more and more clear. This sign is very dangerous! Only moisturizing is not enough.

Suggestion: It is recommended to use eye products that stimulate collagen hyperplasia and use massage techniques to soothe the lines.

Light hair, dark eyebrows!

The days of thin eyebrows have gone. Procedures like permanent makeup and microblading show women a thicker look for their eyebrows. Maybe because people now think that it balances the face or that it’s the opposite of what happened ten years ago or that thicker brows look healthy. Thicker brows are undoubtedly in, and this is not a trend nobody will regret – especially with light hair color ideas.

Inspiration and Hair Trends for thicker eyebrows and fair hair.

Thick brown eyebrows from Portray Youthfulness

As people get older, the hair on the eyebrows starts to paint (not too much when you’re younger!) The thick eyebrow drama makes people look younger. If you die off your eyebrows to get that fresh expression, you should consider popping them with a blond.

Blond and Brown
The recipe for trendsetters today is pretty clear – upsets the norm and draws attention to this once-forgotten facial feature. Strong eyebrows give every look wildness and drama.

High saturation rainbow eye makeup

The temperature in spring is always unstable, sometimes hot and sometimes cool. But still can’t stop the pace of summer. If you have prepared exaggerated sunglasses, sexy short skirts and cool clothes for this summer, don’t forget to modify your face and apply high-saturation eye makeup to make your summer more colorful!

Purple eye makeup

Make your eyes more charming and mysterious.

Maple Leaf Red Eye Makeup

It’s trending color of this year, suitable for red carpet makeup, is also suitable for daily makeup.

Green eye makeup

Like the elves in the forest, they are lively and energetic.

3 Beauty Tips Make You Like A Beauty Blogger

1. Eye Makeup is first

Make-up beginners often shake hands when applying makeup. When you turn wrong eyeliner, you have to remove it , and the eye shadow will become dirty more or less.

After applying the skin care products, apply eye base around the eyes, first make eye makeup, and then start makeup around the eyes. Not only the makeup on the back of the face can be cleaner, but also the eye shadow can cover the dark circles.

2. Baking fixed makeup

Most of the time, the makeup is a simple sweep of the powder on the face, but in fact, this method is only suitable for dry skin. For oily skin, it can keep for several hours in winter and reveal the original shape in summer.

The popular baking makeup method. After the makeup and concealer , use a dry beauty egg to spread the powder on the bottom of the eyes and nose. After 5-10 minutes, use the brush to sweep the excess powder.

There are two advantages to baking makeup, one is very effective, the second is brightening, and it can keep makeup long time.

3. Pre-makeup modify the neck

When you finished the makeup, you found the color difference between your neck and face.

If you apply liquid foundation on your neck, it will become troublesome to remove makeup afterwards. After all, the neck is difficult to wash.

Use the Pre-makeup to modify the neck. Just wash it with clean water. With a moisturizing Pre-makeup, the skin can be younger and more tender, and the wrinkles in the neck can be reduced.

How to make eye makeup better?

Women are always pursuing beautiful things, when you want to create a beautiful eye makeup, but found that the brush is not enough. You want to buy an eye shadow brush set and find that different brushes will have different effects. How to choose?

Base Brush

The base brush is the first brush used in the upper eye shadow, which can sweep the eye shadow on the eyelid evenly. This type of brush is round head and the hair is tight.

Smudge brush

After the first two layers are scanned, if there is a lot of difference in color, there will be a clear sense of boundaries, which is unnatural. At this time, you need to use a clean smudge brush to blur the border and create a gradual feeling. This type of eye shadow brush is usually a round brush head. The bristles are much softer than the base brush, and the amount of hair is not so dense.

It is recommended to clean the smudge brush after used it every time. So that it will not be affected by the coloring, when used the next smudge.

Flat round brush

Another kind of smudge brush will make the round head flat and the hair volume will be very dense. The flat head brush can be further smudged, which is more suitable for blooming the lower eyelid.

Flat head brush
There are two types, one is flat and the other is beveled. Both can be used to draw eyeliner or eyebrows.

Eyebrow brush
Most eyebrow products have eyebrow combs, the purpose is to smudge the eyebrows and visually look natural. It can also be used to comb the eyelashes before the upper mascara.

Choosing right brush for your concealer

How to use the concealer is a big problem definitely, covering acne , covering dark eyes, different concealer cover different places. There are many kinds of concealer products on the market, and the liquid concealer and cream concealer should match the different brushes to make the concealing effect to the utmost! “A key to open a lock” concealer also needs a brush suitable for it.

Liquid Concealer

The texture of the concealer is moist, and the concealing power is relatively low which is suitable for a wide range of concealer. For example, dark eyes are very suitable for using a concealer to solve it!

And with such a flat concealer brush, not only can cover the flaw accurately, but also avoid the uneven coverage of the concealer.

Cream concealer

The cream concealer has no liquid concealer texture and is more suitable for partial covering.

Choosing this concealer brush with a round head, gently pressing the concealer on the acne, not only can you grasp the range and not affect the concealer’s concealing.

Frost concealer

It is softer than the cream concealer. It adds more ingredients to the essence, so it is more difficult to paste than the concealer. It will make the makeup looks thicker. Many actors will use it to conceal before they start a show.

So by your hand and melt it with the temperature of your hand. Then cover it on the face slowly , you can cover it once or twice.

Those make-up ghosts in Hollywood!

Every time you see the beautiful makeup of female stars in photos or videos, they are make us envious! In addition to their natural beauty, of course, they are also inseparable from the great makeup artists behind them.

1.Hung Vanngo

The king of the makeup industry, his client list is amazing. Including the unsurpassed secret angel supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Hadid sisters, the cute face Selena Gomez and the popular singer fruit sister Katy Perry.

He creates a unique look for each individual, suitable for personal temperament and occasion theme.

2. Mario Dedivanovic

With the name of the god of makeup, contracted all the makeup of the Kardashian family.

From the famous sharp repair of Kim Kardashian to the topic of nude makeup, Mario is the “handsman” behind the scenes and he is the only makeup artist that has worked with Kim Kardashian for many years.

3. Pat McGrath

Pat is more like an artist in the makeup industry. If you are a fan of trendy makeup, then you will love Pat McGrath definitely. Pat has created a lot of complex and trendy makeup, T-shows, magazine can not be separated from her creation!

4. Priscilla Ono

Rihanna’s Royal Makeup Artist. Rihanna is a person who demands perfection from anything. This can be found from her personal make-up brand.

Priscilla created countless unforgettable and stunning shapes for Rihanna.

5. Lisa Eldridge

Famous makeup artists in Hollywood are always brave enough to try new faces, not limited to any type of makeup.

She is best known for her clear makeup, which allows each face to exude the most unique look in the most natural conditions.