You can keep a Vaseline in your beauty drawer

Vaseline is a colorless, odorless, non-fluorescent transparent paste that does not contain any additives, moisture and impurities. It can be used in many places in our daily life.

1.Medical Vaseline dressing has the effect of sterilizing, inhibiting bacteria, lubricating and protecting the skin against chapping.

2.Skin care and moisturizing, when the skin feels dry in winter, you can use Vaseline to wipe your face.

3.As a lipstick: Vaseline because of the oil, in the dry season, using Vaseline as a lipstick when you went to sleep, it can make your lips restore hydration.

4.As a cream for hand: When the weather is getting dry, you can using Vaseline as a hand cream.

5.Vaseline can deepen the eyebrows, apply Vaseline on the used mascara brush, used to comb the eyebrows, will make the eyebrows easier to shape. And this can make a thicker eyebrows, and the girl with light eyebrows can try it.

6.Make an eye shadow paste. Mixing eye shadow powder with Vaseline and adjusting it in your hand will turn it into an eye shadow effect.

7.Smear a small amount of Vaseline on the messy hairline, then the hairline no longer fly casually.

8. Nail care, before applying nail polish, apply a layer of Vaseline on the fingertips, even if the nail edge is painted, it will be easily to clean.

9.Hair care, apply a little Vaseline at the end of the hair, it can moisturize your hair thoroughly, make the hair more smooth.

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