Wear a charming halter dress

Summer has arrived, and the girls can’t wait to change into summer clothes to show their body! But for girls with sexy figure and sexy clavicle, the strap dress is absolutely fascinating!

Because the shoulder strap of the suspender skirt is thinner, the skin above the chest is too bare. It is good to hide the bra to avoid embarrassment.

Underwear buckle

This is a special buckle that will make the chest look more concentrated. It is mostly used for the back, and it is “I-shaped” after it is collected. If the strap is wide enough on the chest, the bra strap will be well hidden.

Cleaning and drying of the suspender dress

Why do some girls’ dresses look like new ones, but your looks look old and deformed? That may be caused by you not cleaning and drying!


Because the shoulder strap of the suspender skirt is relatively thin, if it is not noticed during the cleaning process, it is easy to wear and elongate the deformation, thus reducing its service life, so we try to wash it gently rub as much as possible during the cleaning process.


When we drying it, we can fold the skirt to dry or use two hangers, because the strap of the sling is relatively fragile, the direct drying of the strap is easy to be stretched and deformed.

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