Light hair, dark eyebrows!

The days of thin eyebrows have gone. Procedures like permanent makeup and microblading show women a thicker look for their eyebrows. Maybe because people now think that it balances the face or that it’s the opposite of what happened ten years ago or that thicker brows look healthy. Thicker brows are undoubtedly in, and this is not a trend nobody will regret – especially with light hair color ideas.

Inspiration and Hair Trends for thicker eyebrows and fair hair.

Thick brown eyebrows from Portray Youthfulness

As people get older, the hair on the eyebrows starts to paint (not too much when you’re younger!) The thick eyebrow drama makes people look younger. If you die off your eyebrows to get that fresh expression, you should consider popping them with a blond.

Blond and Brown
The recipe for trendsetters today is pretty clear – upsets the norm and draws attention to this once-forgotten facial feature. Strong eyebrows give every look wildness and drama.

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