70-year-old “fashionable girl”

Instagram has a group of “predecessor” fashion bloggers who never over-repaired photos, dress whatever they want, and feel relaxed and playful. Their most striking feature is a silver hair. They are a group of 60-70-year-old fashionable grandmothers who are more sophisticated than many young people.

A fashionable grandmother who has recently been on the hot search is called Sylviane Degunst. Over 60 years old, she is slender and slender, and she is like a girl.

Open her Instagram, it can be described as “treasure”. The body language is very rich, even if it is jumping, it is also very happy, completely subverting our inherent understanding of the 60-year-old grandmother.

Sylviane studied film and literature and edited it. At the age of 54, he was discovered by a scout as a model.

Her dress style is very fashionable, and the strong sense of lens and expressiveness is also a lot of points, and all aspects are not lost to young bloggers.

Although the years left a trace on her face, she did not affect her teenage girl’s mentality at all, and completely turned her life into what we wanted.

In addition to Sylviane Degunst, there is also a grandma-level fashion blogger Linda Rodin, who is also alive than a girl.

The ponytail and big sunglasses are her logo. She likes to paint red lips and like to wear Denim. Even if she is nearly 70 years old, she is still fashionable and exquisite.

Linda, who has worked as a stylist and model, has a good clothing and aesthetics. The usual advertisements and magazines are also inviting, and the fashion blockbuster is for her.

And her private match is equally exciting and stylish, coupled with the iconic silver hair and sunglasses, the atmosphere is full.

Wearing a dress, she can also look like a girl.

We want to ask that what makes them live more and more like a girl? This is a positive attitude towards life. It has nothing to do with age, it only represents your life experience, as long as you want, you can live as energetic as a girl at any time.

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