Rock 6 best natural hairstyles for black woman

If you’re looking for new ideas for your natural hair next time, try one of these stunning looks.

Rolls and low pony combo
There are few people as glamorous as Regina King. So it’s no surprise that she had an amazing updo style. Her super-long braid was placed with a ballerina half roll.

Fulani braids
The Met Gala hairstyle by Issa Rae was particularly sparkling with golden ornaments. With or without decorative beads this is both regal and funny.

Playful middle section
The exuberant personality of Tracee Ellis Ross is expressed in this full, shoulder-length style, which saves the volume for the sides and stays low.

Flirty brow pieces
Victoria’s Secret Model Samile Bermanelli’s tight locks have a sexy piece, including a few strands that tease the look of pony without a full pony.

Short and shiny curls
We would smile from ear to ear like Samira Wiley, if we had such a cute style. A high dose of shine gives definition to her tight, springy curls.

Curly pony
Who says curly hair can not have bangs? Zendaya proves that with its natural texture you can not only have bangs, you do not have to straighten it to look incredible.

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