Trendy Pixie hairstyles

The pixie hairstyles that have appeared in black women are absolutely stunning. Whether your natural hair texture, thick, kinky, curly, chemically smooth or wavy, a pixie can be a great choice, as you’ll see in this photo gallery. It is also a good choice for women who prefer to weave or wigs.

And it’s a popular choice. The pixie is the hottest trend for short hairstyles.

How you look in a pixie depends largely on your face shape, your body type.

Your face shape

Your face shape is important to an elf because you want to create the illusion that you have a perfect oval face.

The Pixie is best for women with heart-shaped, square and oval faces.

The Pixie is a great option for women with round faces. Make sure the pony is long and shape it forward or up to create the illusion of length.

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