Great haircuts for women over 70

You can wear your hair on the shoulders if you want, and you can color it as you like.

This hairstyle is great for her because she shows how many hairs she has, which is very much. If you have thick hair, show it by raking and loosening it up.

This long bob hairstyle is a wonderful wash and wear cut that looks great blown or dried in the air. The cut is long enough to flatter her face and looks a little youthful, but not so long that he pulls her face down. The cut is classic and at the same time refined.

Silver hair can be very sexy. However, not all women embrace their natural hair color. Many women become blondes as they age, a natural move, considering that gray is a softer, lighter color than natural brown. However, blond hair does not complement all skin tones. If you’re a naturally dark haired woman, it’s better to dye your hair on a dark base and set bright highlights.

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