How to create a perfect makeup profile with highlight

Brow bone
Highlighting the brow bones can make the contours of the eyebrows deeper and make the overall look more stylish.

Starting from the lower side of the eye, the position of the cheekbone extending obliquely to the temple, the appropriate highlights can soften the cheekbones. It can make the lines of the face less awkward and look gentler.

The nose tip and the nose beam are painted with high light, which makes the bridge of the nose look more delicate and straightforward. Especially if the nose of the flesh and the bridge of the nose are collapsed, the contours and lines can be visually adjusted by the high light.

Highlight selection
The choice of highlights should be determined according to your actual skin tone, otherwise the makeup will look unnatural. For example, white skin can choose cool or powder tone. If it is yellowish skin, it is recommended to choose champagne color.

What hairstyle is suitable for summer?

Fresh hairstyle like girls

The straight hairstyle is generally fresh and natural. The slightly curved inner end of the hair is more playful, and the side bangs can modify the face to looked small.

No need to burn, just deal with color, length, thickness, it will looks clean and stylish.

California Wave WOB

This hairstyle combines the sunshine and the sexy, and reveals the exquisiteness in the casual. Different lengths of California wavy hair also have different feelings.

Short Pixie

Although many people like this style, they are afraid that the face is not suitable for this hairstyle. In fact, we can modify the face shape through bangs. Many celebrities interpret this style very well.

Put your nails on the new color

Spring is coming, the girls are starting to put on new stylish clothes, how can they make their fingers bleak? Make a beauty for your fingers. Stylish nails salon can give us a good mood. Red and pink, it feels sweet. Blue nails salon are playful and cute. Metallic nails are perfect for you, making your hands look whiter and more tender.

Do you want an unusual nail art pattern? Try the super-fired Xingyue manicure on Instagram, gentle and beautiful.

How to use shampoo to care for hair properly

1.Don’t pour the shampoo on your hair directly . Too much soap will damage the hair roots. If your shampoo doesn’t blister, it may be because the hair is not wet enough, so dip some water instead of adding more shampoo.

2.Use twice of shampoo. The first time use shampoo removes grease and the second time make the hair fluffy.

3.If your hair is dry, don’t wash it every day. Just wet your hair every two days in the shower, then use conditioner to rinse off.

4.Don’t change shampoo usually, unless your hair changes.

5.Wash your hair with warm water. The effect of shampoo is best with warm water. If the water is too hot, it will make your hair dry and itchy . If the water is too cold, the shampoo will not be rinsed thoroughly.

6.After the hair has been rinsed, then a cold shower, will make the hair more shiny. But pay attention to the temperature difference can not be too large, otherwise it is easy to get sick.

7.First make sure you are using the right conditioner. Protein helps to strengthen the hair and scalp’s moisture and endurance, and moisturizing function can increase the softness and luster of the hair.

8.You should use conditioner like this: use a towel to dry the water on your hair, or at least squeeze out the water left on your hair. When there is too much water in the hair, the conditioner cannot be effectively absorbed.

9.The conditioner should be applied to the middle of the hair or the tip of the hair, not to the root of the scalp.

10.Gently put your fingers through the hair, slowly smooth, so that the conditioner is evenly and smoothly distributed.

How to choose swimsuit for your body types

Body Types have hourglass, triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle and apple-shaped figures. We need to understand our body clearly to choose the right swimsuit.

Like the sand-filled hourglass from which the name derives, this body type is distinguished by shoulders that align in width with the hips and a narrow waist that tapers inwards. One-piece swimsuit and slim swimsuit will really turn up the heat by emphasising narrow waists.

The characteristic feature of this shape is hips that are wider than the chest and shoulders. If you’re looking to balance out your figure, you will need to select lingerie that draws attention upwards. Garments such as a corset, bustier, push up bra or lacey babydoll will all achieve this.

That is similar to the hourglass figure, without the distinctly tapered in waist. Shoulders and hips will align to form a sleek rectangular figure. Women with this body shape should strive for swimsuit that brings definition to the waist, such as flirty camisoles, corsets and bustiers.

Inverted Triangle
The body shape with broad shoulders, a large bust and a narrow waist and hips and you have an inverted triangle. One-piece sexy swimsuit is your secret weapon. This piece will slim your shoulders and elongate the body while appearing sexy and confident.

Curvaceous ladies with wide hips and a large bust similar to the beautiful. A sexy matching set will balance out the figure by drawing attention to the body as a whole, rather than focusing on any specific part.

2019 trendy colorful of makeup

In the trend of makeup in 2019, there will be more and more “gloss”. Whether it is lip gloss or eye shadow, the gloss will gradually increase. In the color of 2019, retro is also a key keyword.

Face makeup

Colorful liquid highlights the skeletal structure, adds radiance to the skin, giving the skin an iridescent glow.

Eye makeup

Shiny nautical tones dominate the eye makeup. Colorful liquid eye shadows don’t need to be mixed, just use the eye shadow stick on the lid and put on the makeup. A little bit of effort can create a melting effect.

Lip gloss

The psychedelic pink lip color collides with the simple eye makeup to create a fresh and warm look. Pure liquid lip balm with rainbow-colored lip gloss adds vitality, and shines the look.

Natural eyelash

Since last year, everyone has paid attention to their true eyelashes, focusing on natural methods to nourish eyelashes and make them grow.

Flowered dresses are icons of elegance, femininity and tenderness

Fashion seasons come and go, and flowered dresses are experiencing good and worse times. For women who wear them, they enhance their elegance, femininity and tenderness. It is simply hard, aggressive and adamant in flowered clothes. In the case of a nicely shaped figure, they can look more appealing than other outfits.

Since time immemorial, women have used flowers to amplify their own charm, not just the living ones. We have witnessed the perfect interpretation of flower dresses in our daily life, red carpets and T shows.Especially the floral dress in the wedding, like a fairy.

The flowers were and will be a favorite motif for women’s clothing – women are fresh and younger in them. Perhaps it is because we strongly associate them with spring and summer. And just as in the wild, flowers disappear in time to reappear in full spring , the same happens with them in fashion. Lace, embroidery, woven and printed patterns with floral motifs are repeatedly returning to fashion and accompanying women’s clothing to the present in various variations.

Some practical sports hairstyles in daily life

Have you see many sports hairstyles that are not only practical, but also pretty cool, at least as cool as sports! Depending on the sport, there are hairstyles that are more or less suitable. I will introduce you to the hairstyles for real athletes.

This hairstyle is slim and beautiful. Outdoor runners know that while a smooth ponytail keeps your bangs off your face, the hair in the ponytail can quickly become a tangled, knotted disaster. This pretty ponytail hairstyle holds your hair tight while you’re doing exercise.

2.Updown bun
If you have very long hair and want to do some sports, you can also choose and try Updown bun.

3. Braid hairstyles
This braiding hairstyle is helpful in various sports. Braids will help you to keep your hair clean. Because in gymnastics it is extremely important to have all the hair out of your face.

4. Hair with headband
If you have short hair and lots of baby hair, you can use a headband. This helps to avoid lashing short hair on the face. Not only short hair, but also long hair, you can also use a headband.

Eyeliner is important to our makeup

We all know how important it is to line our eyes; a look is just never complete without it, so I’ve selevted some helpful eyeliner makeup for you.

Long eyeliner
Use a smudge-proof eyeliner to create a glamorous eyeliner makeup.

Winged eyeliner
Extremely eye-catching black eye makeup.

Cat eyeliner
A soft cat eye brings such a flirty, dainty look.

Geometric eyeliner
Double eyeliner with artistic eye makeup.

Natural eye makeup
Slightly smudge with a cotton swab to create a natural eye makeup, perfect for commuting to work.

Contrast eyeliner
Use black eyeliner to superimpose eyelids, and then use color eyeliner create a visual impact.

Line eye makeup
Use eyeliner to outline the eyelids, draw a fold in the center of the eyelids, eye-catching.

Eyeshadow eyeliner
Rich, dark eyeliner with a few glitters. This is a very popular eyeliner makeup.

Eliminate the suffering of thick hair

Eight hairstyles for thick hair

Every woman wants thick hair. With thick hair you can try many hairstyles. But if you really have thick hair, you will complain about the thick hair. Thick hair has many advantages and disadvantages. It will make you look more beautiful and attractive. In contrast, you will feel slightly hot when doing sports or in summer. The thick hair will be a big burden for you. Today, for thick hair, I recomend eight hairstyles that will eliminate the suffering.

1, High Ponytail

2, Fishtail Braided

3, Half braid

4, Double Little Dutte

5, Half knot

6, A High Bun

7, Braids With Disheveled Hair

8, Pixie Cut

Try these hairstyles! You can change a hairstyle every day. You are never tired of your hairstyles! Enjoy it and no suffering!