Slim always wins: Remember about jeans and pants that a sleek, tailored cut always looks chic and elegant. No, you do not have to wear trendy denim and skinny jeans to look cool, but a tight fit on the leg will make your figure look stylish.

Feeling sexy without betraying too much: no matter how old you are, an adult woman always wants to feel sexy when the occasion demands it. Highlight your best features – whether your chest, legs, arms or shoulders – and leave the rest a mystery. To show too much skin as a mature woman has the opposite effect that you may intend, leaving you out of touch and older than you are!

Lead with the handbag: Since it fits and flatters every body type, handbags are a trendy or timeless accessory that is accessible to everyone. Keep up to date, if you like, but know that textured, classic bags made of high quality materials are always in style. With a big bag, you can not go wrong at any age.

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