3 Beauty Tips Make You Like A Beauty Blogger

1. Eye Makeup is first

Make-up beginners often shake hands when applying makeup. When you turn wrong eyeliner, you have to remove it , and the eye shadow will become dirty more or less.

After applying the skin care products, apply eye base around the eyes, first make eye makeup, and then start makeup around the eyes. Not only the makeup on the back of the face can be cleaner, but also the eye shadow can cover the dark circles.

2. Baking fixed makeup

Most of the time, the makeup is a simple sweep of the powder on the face, but in fact, this method is only suitable for dry skin. For oily skin, it can keep for several hours in winter and reveal the original shape in summer.

The popular baking makeup method. After the makeup and concealer , use a dry beauty egg to spread the powder on the bottom of the eyes and nose. After 5-10 minutes, use the brush to sweep the excess powder.

There are two advantages to baking makeup, one is very effective, the second is brightening, and it can keep makeup long time.

3. Pre-makeup modify the neck

When you finished the makeup, you found the color difference between your neck and face.

If you apply liquid foundation on your neck, it will become troublesome to remove makeup afterwards. After all, the neck is difficult to wash.

Use the Pre-makeup to modify the neck. Just wash it with clean water. With a moisturizing Pre-makeup, the skin can be younger and more tender, and the wrinkles in the neck can be reduced.

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