How to make eye makeup better?

Women are always pursuing beautiful things, when you want to create a beautiful eye makeup, but found that the brush is not enough. You want to buy an eye shadow brush set and find that different brushes will have different effects. How to choose?

Base Brush

The base brush is the first brush used in the upper eye shadow, which can sweep the eye shadow on the eyelid evenly. This type of brush is round head and the hair is tight.

Smudge brush

After the first two layers are scanned, if there is a lot of difference in color, there will be a clear sense of boundaries, which is unnatural. At this time, you need to use a clean smudge brush to blur the border and create a gradual feeling. This type of eye shadow brush is usually a round brush head. The bristles are much softer than the base brush, and the amount of hair is not so dense.

It is recommended to clean the smudge brush after used it every time. So that it will not be affected by the coloring, when used the next smudge.

Flat round brush

Another kind of smudge brush will make the round head flat and the hair volume will be very dense. The flat head brush can be further smudged, which is more suitable for blooming the lower eyelid.

Flat head brush
There are two types, one is flat and the other is beveled. Both can be used to draw eyeliner or eyebrows.

Eyebrow brush
Most eyebrow products have eyebrow combs, the purpose is to smudge the eyebrows and visually look natural. It can also be used to comb the eyelashes before the upper mascara.

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