Choosing right brush for your concealer

How to use the concealer is a big problem definitely, covering acne , covering dark eyes, different concealer cover different places. There are many kinds of concealer products on the market, and the liquid concealer and cream concealer should match the different brushes to make the concealing effect to the utmost! “A key to open a lock” concealer also needs a brush suitable for it.

Liquid Concealer

The texture of the concealer is moist, and the concealing power is relatively low which is suitable for a wide range of concealer. For example, dark eyes are very suitable for using a concealer to solve it!

And with such a flat concealer brush, not only can cover the flaw accurately, but also avoid the uneven coverage of the concealer.

Cream concealer

The cream concealer has no liquid concealer texture and is more suitable for partial covering.

Choosing this concealer brush with a round head, gently pressing the concealer on the acne, not only can you grasp the range and not affect the concealer’s concealing.

Frost concealer

It is softer than the cream concealer. It adds more ingredients to the essence, so it is more difficult to paste than the concealer. It will make the makeup looks thicker. Many actors will use it to conceal before they start a show.

So by your hand and melt it with the temperature of your hand. Then cover it on the face slowly , you can cover it once or twice.

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