Those make-up ghosts in Hollywood!

Every time you see the beautiful makeup of female stars in photos or videos, they are make us envious! In addition to their natural beauty, of course, they are also inseparable from the great makeup artists behind them.

1.Hung Vanngo

The king of the makeup industry, his client list is amazing. Including the unsurpassed secret angel supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Hadid sisters, the cute face Selena Gomez and the popular singer fruit sister Katy Perry.

He creates a unique look for each individual, suitable for personal temperament and occasion theme.

2. Mario Dedivanovic

With the name of the god of makeup, contracted all the makeup of the Kardashian family.

From the famous sharp repair of Kim Kardashian to the topic of nude makeup, Mario is the “handsman” behind the scenes and he is the only makeup artist that has worked with Kim Kardashian for many years.

3. Pat McGrath

Pat is more like an artist in the makeup industry. If you are a fan of trendy makeup, then you will love Pat McGrath definitely. Pat has created a lot of complex and trendy makeup, T-shows, magazine can not be separated from her creation!

4. Priscilla Ono

Rihanna’s Royal Makeup Artist. Rihanna is a person who demands perfection from anything. This can be found from her personal make-up brand.

Priscilla created countless unforgettable and stunning shapes for Rihanna.

5. Lisa Eldridge

Famous makeup artists in Hollywood are always brave enough to try new faces, not limited to any type of makeup.

She is best known for her clear makeup, which allows each face to exude the most unique look in the most natural conditions.

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