How to create a perfect makeup profile with highlight

Brow bone
Highlighting the brow bones can make the contours of the eyebrows deeper and make the overall look more stylish.

Starting from the lower side of the eye, the position of the cheekbone extending obliquely to the temple, the appropriate highlights can soften the cheekbones. It can make the lines of the face less awkward and look gentler.

The nose tip and the nose beam are painted with high light, which makes the bridge of the nose look more delicate and straightforward. Especially if the nose of the flesh and the bridge of the nose are collapsed, the contours and lines can be visually adjusted by the high light.

Highlight selection
The choice of highlights should be determined according to your actual skin tone, otherwise the makeup will look unnatural. For example, white skin can choose cool or powder tone. If it is yellowish skin, it is recommended to choose champagne color.

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