Flowered dresses are icons of elegance, femininity and tenderness

Fashion seasons come and go, and flowered dresses are experiencing good and worse times. For women who wear them, they enhance their elegance, femininity and tenderness. It is simply hard, aggressive and adamant in flowered clothes. In the case of a nicely shaped figure, they can look more appealing than other outfits.

Since time immemorial, women have used flowers to amplify their own charm, not just the living ones. We have witnessed the perfect interpretation of flower dresses in our daily life, red carpets and T shows.Especially the floral dress in the wedding, like a fairy.

The flowers were and will be a favorite motif for women’s clothing – women are fresh and younger in them. Perhaps it is because we strongly associate them with spring and summer. And just as in the wild, flowers disappear in time to reappear in full spring , the same happens with them in fashion. Lace, embroidery, woven and printed patterns with floral motifs are repeatedly returning to fashion and accompanying women’s clothing to the present in various variations.

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