Eyeliner is important to our makeup

We all know how important it is to line our eyes; a look is just never complete without it, so I’ve selevted some helpful eyeliner makeup for you.

Long eyeliner
Use a smudge-proof eyeliner to create a glamorous eyeliner makeup.

Winged eyeliner
Extremely eye-catching black eye makeup.

Cat eyeliner
A soft cat eye brings such a flirty, dainty look.

Geometric eyeliner
Double eyeliner with artistic eye makeup.

Natural eye makeup
Slightly smudge with a cotton swab to create a natural eye makeup, perfect for commuting to work.

Contrast eyeliner
Use black eyeliner to superimpose eyelids, and then use color eyeliner create a visual impact.

Line eye makeup
Use eyeliner to outline the eyelids, draw a fold in the center of the eyelids, eye-catching.

Eyeshadow eyeliner
Rich, dark eyeliner with a few glitters. This is a very popular eyeliner makeup.

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