Trendy hair color you should try in 2019

Honey Blonde
Trendy hair color, blond hair is definitely one of them. It’s not popular with dazzling blonde hair in 2019, but the softer color tone, which makes people feel warm and honey.

Many people think that this hair color is suitable for white-skinned girls, but if it is a cool white-skinned girl, it is not suitable for this hair color. Because it will appear paler after dyeing, you must have lip makeup and blush to show beauty, otherwise you will be thought to illness.

In fact, this hair color is very friendly for girls with healthy skin tone, with nude color makeup, wearing delicate jewelry! You are the most dazzling girl in the crowd.

Caramel Honey Brown

Honey brown has been very popular in 2018, and will continue to upgrade in 2019, adding a stronger texture based on the honey mixed brown color. The color is darker under the darker light, but it shows sweet color under sunshing.

Chocolate Black Brown

It looks like a black hair color, actually it shows a dark coffee color. It’s generally supple and shiny as silk , reflecting the whiteness of the skin.

Marshmallow Hair Color

More and more youth are willing to try macarons and rainbow hair color. Lightweight like marshmallow, different pastel shades, with surprising effects due to the difference light.

When trying this hair color, don’t forget that the eyebrow color must be light, otherwise will look strange.

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