These Accessories You Need For Your Next Pool Party

I can already feel it– June gloom is ending and super hot and sunny days are coming. That means time for beach days and pool parties. If you’re like me, then sometimes you probably prefer hanging out by the pool over going to the beach and getting sandy. I love pool parties and outdoor BBQs because they give you an excuse to pretend you’re on vacation and wear all the cute beach outfits. If you’ve got a fun pool day coming up, here are some accessories for taking your poolside look to the next level.

1.Cover Up
No pool party or beach day outfit is complete without a chic cover up. It’s what you show up in to make your entrance to the party and what you leave in. This summer a colorful cover up is the way to go.

2.Straw Hat

Straw hats are not only cute, but they’re super practical for protecting your face from sun damage.

3.Statement Sunglasses
They’re the perfect accessory for any daytime outfit. Right now I’m loving the cat eye trend and the oversize flat brow trend.

Trend Swimsuit Celebrities are wearing

Summer is just around the corner, and with that comes swimsuit season. This year, we’re spotting the rise of string bikinis on the market. Celebrities, models, and the fashion crowd are already endorsing the barely there swim trend. Whether posting a mirror selfie or an epic beach photo, string bikinis are definitely the number one swimsuit style.

Celebrities are wearing the high waist swim bottoms super hiked-up, which elongates the look of the legs. See which celebrities are leading the pack on the below.

Black bandeau bikini

High waist bikini

Halter Triangle Bikini

The secrets behind great-looking makeup

Not sure what the best graduation makeup look is for your big day?
For makeup to look flawless and to last long, Here are three of the secrets behind great-looking and long-lasting makeup:

1.Moisturize your skin.
Every professional makeup artist emphasizes the importance of a properly hydrated skin before applying makeup. Restoring the luster and bounce of your skin will allow your makeup products to glide on more smoothly and last longer.

Essence will prep the skin to better absorb the skin care products you will be applying afterward. After the essence, apply refining lotion. This will diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines. Follow that up with moisturizer and eye cream. If you have time for a sheet mask, apply it before the moisturizer for that extra boost.

2.Exfoliate your skin.
You can give your skin the boost it needs by assisting in the skin renewal process to reveal younger-looking and smoother skin.

Actually you should be getting every two weeks to get rid of dry, dead skin. Also, do not forget your lips. Sugar scrub for the lips will get rid of flakiness.

3.Make sure your tools are clean.
Although it is time-consuming to clean your sponges and makeup brushes every day, do so. Dirty makeup tools are the culprits behind spotty or patchy makeup.

To clean your beauty sponges, use water and mild liquid soap. Squeeze the makeup out of them and rinse them under running water. As for makeup brushes, there are different brush cleaners you can use.

Some of the best secrets behind great looking makeup are all about prepping the face. Combine these with professional makeup application techniques, you can be sure to create consistently beautiful makeup looks.

Trendy string bikinis and high waist bikinis

Summer is just around the corner, and with that comes swimsuit season. This year, we’re spotting the rise of string bikinis on the market. Celebrities, models, and the fashion crowd are already endorsing the barely there swim trend. Whether posting a mirror selfie  or an epic beach photo, string bikinis are definitely the number one swimsuit style. Celebrities are wearing the high waist swim bottoms super hiked-up, which elongates the look of the legs. These swimsuit trends we should to follow.

Cross Strap Back Triangle Bikini

Cross Strap Front Bandeau Bikini

Two Pieces Fluorescent bikini

A variety of fashion collocations for shirts and wide-leg pants

The classic combination will never be outdated. In the spring and summer of 19 years, there is still catching shirts and wide-leg pants. They are very friendly to different figure shape. These basic items are matched and make the temperament rise immediately. Whether it is shopping, dating, traveling, commuting, all kinds of occasions can be worn. The wide-leg pants that can be macthed with any leg type. It can not only cover the skin but also highlight the gas field. With the style of the shirt, it can be simple and elegant, can be sweet retro, and can be stylish.

You can keep a Vaseline in your beauty drawer

Vaseline is a colorless, odorless, non-fluorescent transparent paste that does not contain any additives, moisture and impurities. It can be used in many places in our daily life.

1.Medical Vaseline dressing has the effect of sterilizing, inhibiting bacteria, lubricating and protecting the skin against chapping.

2.Skin care and moisturizing, when the skin feels dry in winter, you can use Vaseline to wipe your face.

3.As a lipstick: Vaseline because of the oil, in the dry season, using Vaseline as a lipstick when you went to sleep, it can make your lips restore hydration.

4.As a cream for hand: When the weather is getting dry, you can using Vaseline as a hand cream.

5.Vaseline can deepen the eyebrows, apply Vaseline on the used mascara brush, used to comb the eyebrows, will make the eyebrows easier to shape. And this can make a thicker eyebrows, and the girl with light eyebrows can try it.

6.Make an eye shadow paste. Mixing eye shadow powder with Vaseline and adjusting it in your hand will turn it into an eye shadow effect.

7.Smear a small amount of Vaseline on the messy hairline, then the hairline no longer fly casually.

8. Nail care, before applying nail polish, apply a layer of Vaseline on the fingertips, even if the nail edge is painted, it will be easily to clean.

9.Hair care, apply a little Vaseline at the end of the hair, it can moisturize your hair thoroughly, make the hair more smooth.

The Colors For Women Over 40

Red carpets are typically filled with different hemlines, shapes, prints, and trends, , but sometimes celebrities are strikingly synchronized with their outfit choices. Take the 2019 Oscar red carpet as an example, which was replete with scores of hot pink dresses specifically. As it turns out, women over 40 led the color trend both before, during, and after that particular event, and everybody else can only hope to pull it off as well.

Hot pink

We’ve been talking about neon colors, but hot pink, in particular, is the shade du jour—so don’t be afraid to test it out for yourself.

Butter yellow

If the butter yellow doesn’t scream spring, we don’t know what it is. Imitate these celebrities and try out the cheery color for yourself.

You Can Choose to Wear Black Dresses to a Wedding

Wedding season is quickly approaching, which means that soon you’ll have at least one wedding to find a winning outfit for. To many people, wearing a black outfit to attend a wedding is an impolite behavior. They think that black is the color that suits a funeral. The wedding is a festive and joyful party, and wearing a black dress looks very bad. It is hot to hold a wedding in the summer, and the black looks more dull and inactive.

we’re here to announce that such a “rule” is long gone. For many people, this old-fashioned rule just isn’t relevant anymore. From formal, black-tie weddings to more casual ceremonies, there’s definitely a way to wear a classic black frock to the festivities.

So if you choose to wear black outfit at the wedding, make sure your look is in good taste. The key is to choose a black piece that’s festive, formal, and special enough to not be mistaken for funeral attire. And if you’re thinking of wearing a dress to the celebration, look for options that feature fabrics like lace, velvet, satin, or tulle. Want to see some lovely options? Keep scrolling.

Wear a charming halter dress

Summer has arrived, and the girls can’t wait to change into summer clothes to show their body! But for girls with sexy figure and sexy clavicle, the strap dress is absolutely fascinating!

Because the shoulder strap of the suspender skirt is thinner, the skin above the chest is too bare. It is good to hide the bra to avoid embarrassment.

Underwear buckle

This is a special buckle that will make the chest look more concentrated. It is mostly used for the back, and it is “I-shaped” after it is collected. If the strap is wide enough on the chest, the bra strap will be well hidden.

Cleaning and drying of the suspender dress

Why do some girls’ dresses look like new ones, but your looks look old and deformed? That may be caused by you not cleaning and drying!


Because the shoulder strap of the suspender skirt is relatively thin, if it is not noticed during the cleaning process, it is easy to wear and elongate the deformation, thus reducing its service life, so we try to wash it gently rub as much as possible during the cleaning process.


When we drying it, we can fold the skirt to dry or use two hangers, because the strap of the sling is relatively fragile, the direct drying of the strap is easy to be stretched and deformed.